The Joys of Online Learning

A few tutors from U3A Geelong, Waverly and Deepdene are keen to share their knowledge and interests with all U3As in Victoria.  U3A Highvale has benefited from these offerings.  Here is a testimony from Jay Tan (a member of U3A Highvale) about her experience with a course on Thinking about Albert Einstein.

“Who would have thought that sitting through 8 weeks of classes on Albert Einstein would be so enjoyable?  Through the expert guidance of Dr Bruce Watson, the class explored topics like: The Life of Einstein, Einstein’s First Wife, Einstein’s Brain and Big Idea, E= mc2 , Theory of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Enroling in this online course, I was assured by Bruce’s words, ‘No prior knowledge of physics required.’  Using the medium of film, Einstein’s complicated physics concepts were explained visually to great effect.  In between each two-hour session, Bruce always welcomed our comments, thoughts or questions.  After a lesson, an online link to the films we had just seen, was provided for us to review at leisure.

I finished this course with a greater understanding of Einstein the man, and the period of history in which he lived.  As a lifelong pacifist, he looked on with horror when the atomic bomb was developed using his equation E=mc2.

On the physics side, this course has partly filled the very wide gap in my scientific knowledge.  Being only able to grasp a little of Einstein’s theories and concepts does not actually make me feel small.  Instead, it gives me a greater appreciation of this man’s great mind and genius.  Anyone can be inspired by Einstein’s vast imagination and dogged perseverance as he worked on his theories.  In his own words, Einstein the philosopher said:

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  
Imagination encircles the world.’

‘I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.’

I hope U3A Highvale members will grasp the opportunity to jump onto some online classes and enjoy some very interesting topics on offer.”

Inspired by Jay’s story?  Why not try an online course?  As soon as you enrol in MyU3A, you’ll be informed on how to join the class.  If you need help to get online, please send your request to  A committee member will assist you in setting up for online access.  After that, you are just one click away from a range of engaging subjects.