MyU3A Login Portal

About MyU3A

MyU3A is a user-friendly system used by U3A Highvale for online member services and enrolment. Functions include effective information distribution, administration management and class management for tutors. With this system, fees must be paid before a member is allowed to enroll in any of the classes.

Join as a new member

First, to apply for U3A Highvale membership please complete this Online Form. For assistance click HELP. In MyU3A click the “Apply for Membership” button and finally the “Exit” button to return here. Payment of membership fee is by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or a visit to your bank to pay into the account of U3A Highvale. If you are unable to make an EFT payment or visit your bank, get a family member or friend to assist you. See Memberships and Fees.

Membership renewal

For assistance on membership renewal click HELP.
To renew your membership, login into the Member Portal.

List of available courses

Courses offered at U3AHighvale are listed online on this website. To view Available Courses click here. MyU3A groups classes by days and categories. When you finish with MyU3A click “Exit” to return here. 

Class enrolment

To enrol in a class, select Courses > Direct Enrolments or login into the Member Portal. Within MyU3A, select the class(es) to join. If there are no vacancies, you will be placed in a Wait List. The Member Login also lets you maintain your profile in MyU3A. On completion click “Exit” to return here. 

Tutor login

Tutors can access the Tutor Portal here. This portal enables a tutor/facilitator to view relevant class data in MyU3A and to send a quick email to class members via Emailer.  Click “Exit” to return here. 

For help on how to use the Tutor Portal to perform the above tasks and to record/manage class attendance online, click MyU3A Help Tutor to display the guide.