New Online Health Qigong Class

U3A Highvale is introducing a new online course — Health Qigong on Zoom. The course aimed at health improvement, focuses on mind body exercise (MBE) and is hosted by a Singapore-based club daily at 10.55am AEST, Mondays to Saturdays. There are two 40min sessions each day — attend all or as many as you choose. Although classes are in Mandarin, that shouldn’t be a deterrent — you just need to follow the instructor’s hands and body movements.

As the course is being trialed, it is yet to be listed in myU3A. Instead, the course will be facilitated by Hooi Ng (a committee member) via WhatsApp, through which Zoom links and updates are communicated.

When you join the course, you implicitly agree to be part of the Qigong WhatsApp group.
If you wish to enrol, send an email with your mobile number to: and you will be contacted with the necessary details. Why not give it a go?