Status of Classes

2024 Term 1

The timetable for 2024 is available online from 2 December 2023.

There will be openings for a range of courses. The earlier you join up the better.

Waste no time in participating in class(es)s — select Direct Enrolments under Courses on this website to enrol.

Class Attendance

The practice of COVIDSafe behaviours continues.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms you must not attend class. If you happen to be infectious in class (without your knowing), make sure you inform venue managers and all close contacts as soon as you test positive so that the situation can be managed.

When informed that you have been in contact with someone who was unaware that he/she has COVID-19, you should monitor for symptoms and have a RAT self-test.

Please note that masks should be carried at all times. They are recommended indoors when one cannot maintain 4sq m per person physical distancing (unless a lawful exemption applies).

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